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3 Perfect Games to Kill Time in a Hospital Waiting Room

Tests and treatments are never fun. Sometimes even worse than the poking and prodding is the waiting! And there’s that smell. You know the one – why is it that every hospital waiting room smells the same?

But your mind’s going 100 miles an hour, so it’s impossible to do homework and hard to even read a book. And you know that any second that nurse is going to poke his or her head out the door and call your name, so it’s not worth getting involved in some long game that you’re just going to have to close and lose all your progress. What you need is mind candy – short, little, super-addictive games that can calm your brain and help you kill time while you wait.

Here are three of my favorite time wasters that will keep you on your toes and give you beautiful worlds to explore:

  • Rekt (iOS) – It’s always fun to play a racing game. This one has a funky world and you get to do a lot of stunts with the car. The game is pure trial and error and will keep you on your toes.

  • Monument Valley (iOS and Android) – A beautifully designed game. It is a puzzle game, where your main character needs to solve her way through more and more difficult puzzles to get reunited with her mom. Each level is short and the music is very soothing.

  • Plants vs Zombies (iOS). What better to kill time then to eliminate some zombies. Need I say more?

Each of these games will smash boredom. They offer small experiences with an easy start, quick learning curve, and are designed to be repeated many times – ideal to start and stop and pick up and put down as you need it!

When you’re in the hospital or stressed about your health condition, it can help just to turn your brain onto something else – something that takes your mind off your surroundings and makes the time pass. If that’s not enough – if you need to process the experience instead of just getting through it – please consider coming to play Shadow's Edge!

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