What My Last Relapse Taught Me

Climbing to the highest point of health and wellness takes a tremendous amount of effort and just as you take a deep breath to enjoy the view you crash quickly to the bottom again.

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The Post-Cancer Existential Crisis

Now I worry about normal college student things like my grades, friends, and boys. However, these things will never be “normal” for me, because I carry around a different perspective than most of my peers. I know what real problems can look like.

A Change of Heart

After the initial shock passed over, I started to get worried and freaked out a little. I mean, it’s a NEW HEART! That’s kind of a big deal…

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Telling Your Story is the Greatest Gift

What I remember about the gifts I got and those I gave last year has little to do with the actual gifts themselves – it has to do with how my friends and family reacted to these gifts and how much joy we shared in the days and weeks after the holidays using these gifts together.

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Me Versus the Treadmill

I was a 19 year old who should be spending her Friday night at a party with her friends at school, not spending it crying at the foot of a treadmill…

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Thanksgiving, Cancer, Gratitude and Friends

Because I’m a college student with a million and five things on my to-do list every week, I tend think on my yoga mat. Our instructors always ask us why we are practicing — my reason has a lot to do with being a cancer survivor.

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Cancer is Boring: What to do During Chemotherapy

Cancer is boring. There, I said it. Chemotherapy is literally the most monotonous, boring activity I have ever faced. It’s almost too easy to get caught in a depressed state, frustrated by your lack of energy and ability to do anything remotely interesting. Small...

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Happy World Diabetes Day!

Today is World Diabetes Day, a day when we diabetics can blow up your newsfeed with the real facts, struggles, and successes that we face daily.

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Hearing the C-Word

Embrace whatever relationship you have with the word “cancer”. Don’t let it anchor you down, just let it happen.

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Why Journal?

Expressing these feelings creates opportunities for people to connect on a more honest and emotional level, which we desperately need when we are sick.

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How to Survive Shots or Lab Tests

After years and years of receiving and even learning how to administer my own shots, I’ve learned a few things about making these treatments a little more tolerable and I’m gonna share them with you!

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What’s Visualization?

Looking into the future is like staring up into the branches of a tree, each limb leading the way toward a different possibility.

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