An Open Letter to Myself Just After Diagnosis

If you are sad, cry; if angry, shout; and if you are fearful, embrace it and move through it.

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Knowing When to Ask for Help

It’s so easy to focus on your physical health – after all, that’s “what’s clearly wrong.” But failing to take into account your mental health can have long-term consequences.

How to Tackle Hard Conversations

Here are a few ideas that you can use when tackling hard conversations with people you care about, or to point your family/friends to so that they can better communicate with you:

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Take Care of Your Caregiver!

It’s so important for people with chronic illness to take the time to engage in activities that bring them joy. However, the population that often gets less attention are the wonderful people who take care of us in our times of need.

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His Sugar Level is Over 600!

For me, one of the side effects of the prednisone I took after my heart transplant was diabetes…and I ended up finding that out the hard way.

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What My Last Relapse Taught Me

Climbing to the highest point of health and wellness takes a tremendous amount of effort and just as you take a deep breath to enjoy the view you crash quickly to the bottom again.

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Why My Scar is Beautiful

The scar has become a part of me, a metaphorical tattoo that reminds me of my strength and the endless possibilities that life has to offer.

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The Post-Cancer Existential Crisis

Now I worry about normal college student things like my grades, friends, and boys. However, these things will never be “normal” for me, because I carry around a different perspective than most of my peers. I know what real problems can look like.

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A Change of Heart

After the initial shock passed over, I started to get worried and freaked out a little. I mean, it’s a NEW HEART! That’s kind of a big deal…

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Telling Your Story is the Greatest Gift

What I remember about the gifts I got and those I gave last year has little to do with the actual gifts themselves – it has to do with how my friends and family reacted to these gifts and how much joy we shared in the days and weeks after the holidays using these gifts together.

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Me Versus the Treadmill

I was a 19 year old who should be spending her Friday night at a party with her friends at school, not spending it crying at the foot of a treadmill…

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Thanksgiving, Cancer, Gratitude and Friends

Because I’m a college student with a million and five things on my to-do list every week, I tend think on my yoga mat. Our instructors always ask us why we are practicing — my reason has a lot to do with being a cancer survivor.

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