Shadow’s Edge: How to Journal

Journaling can do what medicine cannot — it can heal your soul!

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I Choose Joy

The next time life kicks you in the teeth that think of these two choices. You can smile or you can cry.

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Being Sick Sucks!

The fact is, being sick sucks. Here’s what some of our Shadow’s Edge players say about living with and working through illness.

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It Wasn’t Supposed To Be Me

Doctors told my parents one day they hoped they could save kids like my brother and me, but for now, they didn’t have the funds or tools needed to provide us with treatment options, much less a cure.

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Pain is Real. But so is Hope.

I’m going to start of by saying that my life has never been such a rollercoaster until it hit 2017. I had so much passion, dreams, aspirations on what my future would be like and they’d be no persuading me otherwise. Cooking, baking, painting, hanging with friends (in...

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Knowing When to Ask for Help

It’s so easy to focus on your physical health – after all, that’s “what’s clearly wrong.” But failing to take into account your mental health can have long-term consequences.

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How to Tackle Hard Conversations

Here are a few ideas that you can use when tackling hard conversations with people you care about, or to point your family/friends to so that they can better communicate with you:

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Take Care of Your Caregiver!

It’s so important for people with chronic illness to take the time to engage in activities that bring them joy. However, the population that often gets less attention are the wonderful people who take care of us in our times of need.

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His Sugar Level is Over 600!

For me, one of the side effects of the prednisone I took after my heart transplant was diabetes…and I ended up finding that out the hard way.

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