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Cold and Flu Prevention Tips for Teens With Health Conditions

I hope everyone had a great time and enjoyed spending time with their family and friends this Thanksgiving! Now that November is officially over, it is time to deck the halls, hang your stockings or get ready according to your traditions for the next wave of holidays. But December not only brings holiday spirit, but also the winter cold and flu season.

Unfortunately I didn’t prepare well enough and have caught the flu already. And I’ve got to tell you it sucks pretty bad and I feel really crappy. It’s bad enough to get the flu and even worse when you’re battling a health condition. I would not want anyone else to feel how I feel right now so, I thought, Why not write about how to do your best to avoid catching the flu! So here are a few tips, for all of us who really don’t need another health challenge, to help prevent that nasty flu bug from getting a bite of you.

1. Keep those hands clean

You can never be too safe or clean. If you touched something that you do not know for sure has been cleaned then wash your hands after coming into contact with it. I personally keep wet wipes and hand sanitizer in my backpack wherever I go. You could keep them in your purse or car as well! Also remember to wash your hands for at least 30 seconds to kill all the germs properly and avoid touching your mouth, nose, eyes and ears when you have dirty hands!

2. Avoid germy surfaces if possible

Germs are everywhere and not everyone can avoid all of them but that does not mean you cannot try! A lot of the things you use in your everyday life are covered in germs including money, light switches, and even the very computer keyboard you’re using right now! Did you know that your cell phone has more germs than a toilet seat? Pretty gross isn’t it…? Disinfecting things around you every once in a while definitely helps prevent germs from spreading more.

3. Remember to take your vitamins

As a little kid I always loved getting gummy vitamins and it is good to keep that habit whether you are an adult or a teenager. Not only is it a good habit, but it also helps keep your body and immune system able to fight against colds and the flu. According to my doctors, the best vitamins to take are Vitamins B6, C, and D. Another great vitamin that helps is called Zinc. It helps the immune system to fight any invading bacteria and viruses.

4. Exercising helps

Exercising has been proven to help flush bacteria out of the lungs and airways. Exercising also changes antibody and white blood cell counts. The white blood cells are what help keep your immune system strong and able to fight off harmful bacteria and viruses in your body.

5. Get your rest

It is important to get a good night rest so your body has the energy it needs to not only fight off the flu but to feel energized throughout your day. If you’re a teenager like me, you probably need 8-10 hours of sleep every night.

Hope these tips help you guys stay healthy and prepared! Don’t forget to stay warm and bundled up and enjoy the holiday spirit!

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