Has the isolation this past year affected your mental health?

Do you want to take care of your emotional wellbeing and cope with loneliness?

Take the first step by downloading Shadow’s Edge mobile game.

Express your thoughts in your self-care journal,

Breathing exercises to relieve stress and anxiety,

Relax while drawing with music.

Dime loneliness : Join the in-game community and share your art!

Learn to practice self-care .





The city of Shadow’s Edge has been hit by a storm and it needs YOU to get back to a healthy life and well-being yourself!

What Playing Shadows Edge Brings:

– Feeling good about yourself for doing something for yourself and taking care of your mental health & well-being

– Know yourself better through self-reflection with writing and making art

– Feeling more connected to others when you share your art with others

– Noticing feelings of depression and anxiety, as well as joy and hope you may be feeling in your life

– Build resilience, reduce anxiety

– Do anti-stress exercises and much more

         “I am suffering from a mental health issue… People like myself count on outlets like this when we are in dark times. I am still surprised that a graffiti game about expression would have been made up by psychologists. THANK YOU!!!”


– Player testimonial

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Available on Android and Apple devices

         “A wonderful app! There is something so therapeutic to me about being ‘creatively destructive’ and this is a perfect outlet for that!”⁠

– Player testimonial

An award-winning game based on narrative therapy and positive psychology.

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