Dear Rosy – A Letter to My Future Self

Two weeks ago, we shared Rosemary’s letter that she wrote to her past self, then last week we shared her letter to her present self. This week, her letter is written to her future self. Reminds us of the three Christmas ghosts – the ghost of Christmas Past, the ghost of the Present, and the ghost of Christmas Future!

We hope after reading Rosemary’s letter, you might be inspired to write a letter to your future self as well.

Dear Rosy,

What age are you now? Oh wait, I’m not supposed to know.

It’s tough to give future me advice. After all, you know more than I do.

And that is as it should be. Part of life is trying to enjoy the journey, and if we knew everything that was coming then there would be large parts of it that we’d want to skip like a bad movie. But then all these experiences also make us who we are.  So, I guess, you are welcome.

Whatever I have gone through and whatever I will still go through, will make you who you are now. Perhaps rather than giving you advice, I want to express my hope for you.

I hope when you read this, you are happy.

I hope you accomplished everything you wanted to accomplish. I know what the past has brought you and I know that I am working hard on the present and making the future one that you can remember with fondness.

Please remember how your life has been filled with hope, dreams, excitement, and love.

Remember that young, less mature, happy, silly, and very real past You. Remember the driven, passionate, and compassionate You. Remember the You that makes you smile. You have earned that smile! You deserve to celebrate all of your life.

In earlier life, your concentration was on safety and financial security. Now it has become more about simplicity and serenity. Throughout it has been about finding love and acceptance, and I am still working on that.

I hope you cherish those good memories and can let go of the bad.

Trust me, by the time I am you, you will have reflected on bad times enough and will have taken the lessons from it that you needed.

No matter what happens from here on out, I know that you can look back at so many cool experiences.

You’ve travelled and made places your home, loved and lost, failed and succeeded, given everything you had to help people, and worked hard for everything that you have. Life was heart-warming and heart-breaking.

Everything that has happened will have led you to this moment. If my future goes as I hope, you are proud of your life, grateful for your experiences, and happy with your relationships.  Most importantly – you love yourself.

I hope you don’t want to change a thing, and everything is exactly as it should be.

I want you to know that I am doing everything in my power to make sure that you can look back and say that it has all been worth it. That you have tried to follow your heart and your dreams. That you have done enough and that you can be content in closing this chapter and starting a new book.

Now, I want to you stop reading. Step outside and take a deep breath and simply enjoy the day. Every day.

With all my love

Rosy (your present self)

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