Dear Rosy – A Letter to My Present Self

Life has a way of remolding us, whether that be in small ways or in more significant ways. There is an old saying that you are a different version of yourself every seven to ten years. Considering how much life has to teach us in a decade, that makes total sense, doesn’t it?

Last week, Rosemary wrote a blog to her past self – but for this week’s blog, we are sharing a letter that Rosemary wrote to her present self. Who we are now may not be the same as who we were ten, five, or even two years ago! We’ve learned a lot in that amount of time, so wouldn’t it make sense to talk to who you are now a little differently than who you were then? Writing a letter to yourself is a great way to center and ground yourself, and to really reflect on what you have learned so far. It might even help you gain the wisdom you need to get through your current challenge.

We hope after reading Rosemary’s letter, you might be inspired to write a letter to your current self as well!

Dear Rosy,

It’s a bit strange, writing to you, because you are, like, right here. But I want to take a step back and maybe talk about a few things that you don’t allow yourself to think about often.

You are good at creating plans for your future and even better at adapting to life as it happens. Rolling with the punches and living a good life despite them is what has made you… well, you.

So, I feel that perhaps the best bit of advice that I can give you as my present self is about the immediate future, not about the coming decades.

In essence, you already know all of this, of course, since you are me. But here it is in black and white, so that it is much harder to disregard:

Whatever You Do Next, Should Be For You!

You are at yet another crossroad in your life. They have been so many, and most of the roads you have chosen to follow have been ones that led to other people’s happiness or success. Do what you really desire and don’t think about the consequences for once, even if your decision means you crash and burn. After all, you’ve crashed (plane) and burned (house) before, so you know that whatever comes, you can handle it.

Give Yourself Permission To Stop Worrying

I know it’s hard not to worry. You feel responsible for other people. It’s easy to use that as an excuse for taking the safe road. Listening to those people when they voice concern or doubts won’t serve you.

You have fought so hard to be where you are now. No one knows all the things you have overcome. Therefore no one can tell you what is not possible. Nor can they tell you who you are. No one knows your own mind better than you do. You are the only one that knows. So, trust in you, in your ability to navigate life and in your resilience.

Relish The Present

This one is tough. As much as possible, try not to live in the past or live for the future. You can learn lessons from the past, but it’s not a place where you can get Pizza or build relationships. And you’ve seen too many times that the future is not a luxury everyone has. You know you are good at preparing for the future, and planning for uncertainties. You’ve had to, to survive. Now leave those plans where they are, and live in the present, doing things you love with the people (and animals) you love.

Heed your objective present-self and go after what you really want.

Take that road, follow those yellow bricks. The people who truly love you will be right there with you.  

All my love,


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