Not Setting New Year Resolutions for My Mental Health

FINALLY! 2020 is almost over! We can finally breathe a sigh of relief as we begin to put the past year behind us. But is anyone else feeling somewhat anxious about what 2021 might bring? Me too. I am having a hard time with feeling absolutely jaded about everything that has happened; I flip flop between absolutely depressive and overly optimistic about the future.

This is usually the time when I would be setting resolutions for the upcoming year. Almost every single year I set the goal to lose weight, do more yoga, eat better, etc. And those are just the main goals – I always have some sort of secondary goals as well, like meditate more or to finally finish a creative project I keep putting off. But, in all honesty, I am hesitant this year to commit myself to these goals.

I haven’t been very realistic with myself when it comes to New Year’s resolutions in the past. I always set a goal to lose ten pounds… then somehow end the year ten pounds heavier from stress. Or I make the goal to eat better, then I end up eating microwave or fast-food meals to save time instead of cooking as the year drags on. It’s like the pressure from trying to meet these goals makes it even harder to achieve them and I end up feeling awful about myself as time goes on.

But I am trying something different this year. I am making only ONE RESOLUTION. No lists with main goals and secondary goals, ordered by priority. No, not this year. 2020 was hard enough.

My one resolution this year is this…

Every day, I will do at least one thing that is good for my mental health.

https://www.shadowsedge.com/the-game/That’s it. That’s my resolution. Just one good thing for my happiness each day – If I wake up feeling anxious, maybe I will do some restorative yoga before starting work. Or, if I am having a hard time feeling motivated, I will take a half hour to put on my headphones and jam out to Miley Cyrus. Or if I am feeling cooped up? I’ll go for a walk in the sunlight. Maybe I will even post to Shadowgram about what I am feeling at the time.

This might sound overly simple, or even like a disaster waiting to happen. You might say “Lacey! If you don’t set a goal to work out every day, then you’ll become even more unhealthy!” But, setting that goal wasn’t helping me for the past ten years either, was it? And funny enough, I might work out more if I don’t feel stressed about meeting a goal I had set months and months before.

After this year, I am exhausted by the idea of setting unrealistic expectations for myself only for me to feel like garbage later. And let’s be honest… when you are as stressed as we have been this year, we probably aren’t going to be meeting any goals anyway. So, I am going to focus on my mental and emotional health this year. And who knows – maybe improving my mental health will help those other past goals finally fall into place.