Quick Self-Care Activities for Busy Weeks

For those of us with busy schedules, self-care isn’t always on the top of our priority list. Oftentimes, self-care feels like it would take WAY too much time out of my day. And when I’m already stressed about how much I need to do, I will put it off even longer than I should. But self-care is just as important as our task list, as much as I hate to admit it sometimes. So here are 5 quick self-care activities for super busy weeks!

Tea Bag in Teacup

#1 – Make Yourself a Yummy Hot Drink

Now that it’s getting cold outside, a warm and yummy drink can feel oh-so-cozy and is a great quick self-care activity. That’s especially true if you are staying up late trying to get everything done! It could be a cup of salted caramel tea, a homemade latte, hot cocoa – whatever suits your fancy! Just make sure it’s something that makes you say “ahhhhh” when you sip it.

Here is my current favorite right now, which is a Green Tea Matcha Latte Recipe. Yummy!

Close-Up View of a Person Playing League of Legends

#2 – Play One Round of Your Favorite Game

Whenever life is extra busy and I am feeling super stressed, it helps to set a timer and play a short game. Whenever I am not playing Shadow’s Edge, I play League of Legends: TeamFight Tactics during my breaks. Those games each run for around 20 to 30 minutes, which is a perfect amount of time to sip on that favorite hot drink before I get back to work!

Women Looking at a Cellphone Laughing

#3 – Watch One Video that Relaxes You Somehow

Whenever I am stressed or have a migraine, I like to listen to hair brushing ASMR videos on YouTube. I love getting my hair brushed, so these are great for me to listen to while I work. Or maybe you prefer to get in a good belly laugh instead! Set a timer for 20 to 30 minutes and watch funny TikToks, or an episode of your favorite comedy. Just make sure to set a timer – trust me, I get how addicting TikTok can be 🤣

Person Holding Burning Candle

#4 – Light a Candle or Incense

If I can give my nose something to feel happy about, my stress levels are positive to go WAY DOWN. I am super sensitive to smells, so candles are one of my go-to tools for when I am stressed. And even if you aren’t as sensitive to smells, even a small amount of fragrance is a good way to trick your brain into relaxing!

So, light a Toasted Marshmallow candle or light some of your favorite incense if you need a little bit of self-care this evening. Whether you are studying or cleaning or whatever else, good smells will make the task much more pleasant (or at least more bearable).

These might seem silly or obvious…

I know it might seem a little silly or obvious to mention these little things as self-care. But trust me when I say that I TOTALLY get how stress will make us not think of them! Especially when all we can think about is deadlines, upcoming exams, or even conflicts with family or friends, etc. It can be easy to not think of those “little things” that can relieve the anxiety. But I hope this blog reminded you of those little things, and that maybe they help you get through a busy week with success!

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