Reintroducing Our Awesome Team

And appreciating what makes each of them awesome!

Hi readers! This is Lacey, the community manager for Shadow’s Edge. During these past three months, we have gained so many new followers on our social media pages, new readers for our blog, and tons of new players for our game. Because we have so many new members to our community, I wanted to use today’s blog to reintroduce our amazing team!

It also happens to be Employee Appreciation Week and I want to shamelessly brag about the amazing people I work with. I am so very lucky to work with these people, and with our unique backgrounds and talents we have been able to create a game and online community like no other. So keep reading if you want to meet the humans behind the screen!

First, I want to introduce our founder – Sheri Sobrato-Brisson!

Sheri Sobrato Brission

She is the mind that started it all back when she co-wrote the book Digging Deep: A Journal for Young People Facing Health Challenges. Why did she write this book? Because she also fought cancer herself when she was a young adult. When she was facing cancer, she saw firsthand the lack of mental and emotional health tools for young people facing medical challenge. So, she decided to change that – and from there came the book! The book was distributed to hospitals all over the country and made a major difference in the lives of young cancer patients everywhere.

What makes Sheri awesome?

Not everyone takes the time to use their personal challenges to make the world a better place, but Sheri did! She saw the need for more tools, and she set out to address it! People who work hard to leave the world better than how they found it deserve to be celebrated!

Next, I want to introduce Rosemary Lokhorst – the producer of Shadow’s Edge.

Rosemary Lokhorst

When Sheri wanted to make the info in her book more accessible to teens everywhere, Rosemary brought her technical expertise to the table. She also brought the mind of a brilliant writer into the project and formed a wonderful story, full of metaphors and symbolism… and thus the Shadow’s Edge game was born! So anytime you think, “Wow, it’s so cool how this part of the game is a lot like what I am going through right now…” you can thank Rosemary for that!

What makes Rosemary awesome?

When I first joined the Shadow’s Edge team back in March of 2020, Rosemary was an amazing leader as I settled into the role of community manager. Anytime I had a dumb question or needed something explained again, she helped me without hesitation.

And she also seems to have this incredible superpower when anytime I am having a not-so-good day, she somehow seems to know it and sends me pictures of her puppy, Bowie, to brighten my day.

Next up is Kevyn Eva Norton, our player research expert.

Kevyneva Norton

To make sure we are always improving our game and making it the best it can be, we frequently work with game testers and have interviews with them. Well, Kevyn Eva knows how to ask the exact right questions during those playtesting interviews and knows how to put that feedback into action towards making the game even better. Without Kevyn’s awesome research and analysis skills, I don’t think our game would be growing as fast as it is.

What makes Kevyn awesome?

If you have ever been a play tester for us, you’ve met Kevyn Eva and you will know how kind she is! With our game being for taking care of your mental health, we like to ask questions about how the game could be better for that purpose… but for some of us it can be a little scary to talk about things like mental health so openly. Luckily, Kevyn Eva has an amazing way of making you feel at ease during play testing sessions with her warm and thoughtful personality! And on top of that, she is so good at using the feedback from our players to plan on how to make the game even better for someone going through a hard time, so you know she REALLY listens!

Next is our research and customer relations expert – Nancy Imado.

Nancy Herbert

Whenever someone sends us an email with questions or comments, it’s Nancy that finds the answers for them! She is quick to make sure our players and blog readers have the answers they need. Nancy is also the queen of organization and data, in my opinion. If you are looking for a certain file or piece of data and Nancy had anything to do with it, it is perfectly organized and easy to find! (I am also incredibly envious of her spreadsheet-making skills in Excel).

What makes Nancy awesome?

Not only is Nancy amazing to work with, but she is also super fun and personable. Anytime we have a meeting, she always starts out with a genuine “How are you? How are the cats and the husband?” It doesn’t feel forced – she truly cares about people. She is also an amazing mother to her 12-year-old daughter and is raising an incredible human being.

Now meet Ilse, our designer and my social media partner!

If you follow us on social media, you’ve most likely noticed the “magazine style” look we have for our feed, with paint splatters and edgy cutout images. We absolutely love this look, and you can thank Ilse for coming up with it! She has an amazing eye for colors and fonts and other aspects of design planning. On top of that, she is a very talented writer and frequently will write for our blog about what it is like living with a chronic illness.

She is also the other voice behind our Instagram account – if you send us a direct message or leave a comment, you can bet it is either Ilse or I responding. With each of us on each side of the globe, we are able to always be online and there for anyone who is commenting on our posts or sending up messages.

What makes Ilse awesome?

Ilse is one of the most genuine people you will ever meet – anytime we talk over Zoom (at or outside of work), it’s like catching up with an old friend. She is also an amazing artist – she does paintings, drawings, and photography that are so eye-catching that you could get lost in them for a very long time!

Last but not least, Garth Sundem – the blog and social media manager for our other site, DiggingDeep.org

Garth sundem

Garth is an amazing writer – it’s no wonder he has had many books published and has blogged for sites like Psychology Today, Huffington Post, Scientific American, WIRED, and GeekDad. He manages the community for professionals and parents for our overall organization Digging Deep, built it from scratch and grew it into the numbers we now see today with a huge social media following and over 300 blogs on mental health published for parents and professionals.

What makes Garth awesome?

It is amazing how calm and collected Garth remains no matter what deadlines we have. He genuinely loves the cause and puts his heart into everything we publish to get parents and professionals the best information we can give them to support their children. Garth and his wife Kristi are amazing parents themselves. You may have seen Kristi also on our webinars and helping us out with the blogs. We are lucky to have them support the project so warmly.

Thank you so much for getting to know us a little bit better!