Need help practicing self-care and taking care of your emotional wellbeing?

Do you want to take care of your mental health well-being?

Reduce daily stress, manage anxiety, cope with loneliness & express your thoughts.

Build emotional resilience to help you feel emotionally lighter.

Take the first step by downloading Shadow’s Edge mobile game. 


Free to Download & Play!

Available on Android and Apple devices

Express your thoughts in your self-care journal, do breathing exercises to improve your emotional wellbeing, and relax while drawing, plus great ingame music.

The city of Shadow’s Edge has been hit by a storm and it needs YOU to get back to a healthy life and well-being yourself!

What Playing Shadow’s Edge Brings:

– Feeling good about yourself for doing something for yourself and taking care of your mental health & well-being

– Know yourself better through self-reflection with writing and making art (expressing your true feelings)

– Coping with loneliness by feeling connected to others when you share your art in the ingame community

– Noticing feelings of depression and anxiety, as well as joy and hope you may be feeling in your life

– Self care tips to build resilience, reduce anxiety

– Do anti-stress exercises: breathing exercises & painting exercises to help de-stress. This will help you learn to manage anxiety

– Find healthy ways to express feelings

– A safe self-help game  (app) for self-exploration and discovery

– Combined with therapy shadow`s Edge game will support you to openly talk about emotions that are difficult to deal with. 

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 “I am suffering from a mental health issue… People like myself count on outlets like this when we are in dark times. I am still surprised that a graffiti game about expression would have been made up by psychologists. THANK YOU!!!”

– Player testimonial

         “A wonderful app! There is something so therapeutic to me about being ‘creatively destructive’ and this is a perfect outlet for that!”⁠

– Player testimonial

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