Tyler – 15 Years

Tyler, ‘Ty’ (15), is stuck in the storm-wrecked town of Shadow’s Edge. Why does it look like time just froze in the middle of the storm and, more importantly, where the funk is everyone? Ty feels that her family left her behind-and man is she angry about that. But ‘whatever!’ Time may be frozen, but Ty’s determined to just get on with it.

Ty used to love school and was part of the cool crowd. She was very active in sports and liked to hang out at the skate park. But the storm did a number on it. F@*#%! So not happy about that.

Ty’s driven to figure out what happened to Shadow’s Edge and fix it. I mean, it’s gotta be possible, right? She will do whatever it takes to make sure the city keeps standing. So what if she needs to do it alone. Well, it would be great if she wasn’t alone in this Sh!t storm (pun intended). That’s it! Maybe she needs to reach out for help. But to whom?

Ty decides she wants to be a detective so she can snuff out what is going on here. She sees herself as the protector of Shadow’s Edge, determined to figure out how to rebuild the city with her ‘I can beat this’ attitude. Ty lives in her family’s house, holding on to how things were, though the house is now cold and dreary. She has to admit, at times this tough act is hard to keep up, what with no one caring if she is brave. Even before the storm, Ty’s inability to feel sadness and express feelings isolated her. It is hard for her to trust people. But she knows now she can’t do it alone-thank F@#ck, she’s a tough one!

Through the player’s gameplay, Ty learns to show vulnerability and receiving help is not so bad and can actually help her come to terms with what’s happened and helps her convert her anger into true power.



Maize – 18 Years

For Maize (18), it feels like the storm was ages ago and this is all that life has to offer now. Time never moves here. It’s soooooo lame! Maize lives in Downtown. Somehow, having big buildings and closed spaces around feels less lonely. But she moves around to avoid it being too permanent. She’s taken up writing to help her be in a world that is so bleak and depressing. The weight of feeling that she did something that must have made her family leave her in the storm brings her down. Maize hides her guilt under her long hair.

Before the storm Maize was a bit of a loner. But that was when it was her choice. Now she’s come to hate the silence that she sought out before the storm. There’s no other option than to be alone. Or is there? Paintings started to appear around town, reminiscent of the colors that once graced Shadow’s Edge. Maybe loneliness has run its course? Even though Maize’s unsure at first about anyone new, she craves the company and secretly loves that the player brings back graffiti.

Maize didn’t have many friends in school. She never felt she fit in, so preferred instead to focus on books and her art. Maize used to love spending time with her family, especially with her younger brother, Aaron. She had a lot of fun with him drawing butterflies all over Shadow’s Edge, a character from a fantasy book they used to read together. Now the storm has washed away all but one of them. She sometimes visits that one, even though it makes her sad.

Through gameplay, Maize learns that she does not need to hide her strong feelings under her long hair but that both her feelings and her art can help her connect to others. For the first time, there is a glimmer of hope that her journey means something, for Shadow’s Edge – and for herself.


Pax – 16 Years

Pax (16), had many hobbies before the storm. So many cool things to experiment with, how could she choose? She enjoyed traveling to cities far and wide, forever curious, making friends by being inquisitive with those she met along the way. Pax loved spending time with her family, especially her brother. Oh, the mischief they used to create around town, having fun adding creatures to graffiti other citizens made.

Her colorful style and effervescent personality made her a trendsetter at school. She drew people to her, and friends turned to her for advice and help. But she did not know how to be alone. She needed the attention, the validation. Being stuck in time left her no choice but to trust herself and to hope.

Pax believes her family will come back when Shadow’s Edge is as colorful as it once was. And there’s no one else to make that happen. Her family is counting on her. Oh-and YOU!

Who said this mission can’t be fun? Pax is happy to finally have a partner! You are her first friend since the storm. You are meant to help her. She’ll do anything to inspire you to create art and tell your story. But Pax can’t burn herself out in the process. She needs to stay balanced and healthy- taking care of herself too. Being by herself in this desolate city has forced Pax to be reflective and get real about her own needs for once. She can’t wait to show her family how she has grown through this adventure!

Through your gameplay, Pax comes to understand she needs to balance her energy. She is ready to listen to you and help you restore Shadow’s Edge. Together, anything is possible!