Shadow’s Edge was once a lush and breathtaking city. The citizens of Shadow’s Edge expressed themselves by creating art and words all over the city’s walls and structures. Arts were the tapestry of life, deeply embedded in the city’s culture. The people of Shadow’s Edge not only wrote down their insights but shared them with the community. Creativity united people and their community thrived — life was idyllic. Graffiti and the stories of the city’s citizens kept the city alive. Meanwhile, the Guardians of Shadow’s Edge protected the art and motivated people to keep spraying graffiti and writing down their stories, good and bad, to feed the city’s soul.

But then tragedy struck. A storm engulfed the city. Raging rain washed away the color from the
buildings, streets, and structures faster than its citizens could revive it. Wind ravaged everything in its path, devastating the once flourishing city. The citizens of Shadow’s Edge were overwhelmed and fled in despair. Chaos ruled the hasty exodus, as many citizens perished in the massive floods. The storm distorted time and split Shadow’s Edge into three parallel worlds.

In each of them, one young citizen was abandoned, stuck in the rubble of their lives. Now as the Guardian of their respective worlds they fight because without art and writing Shadows Edge would remain dark and barren. But how could they do that without citizens to express themselves and create?

Then at last, after what felt like forever, a faint sliver of hope appeared in the form of an
outlander – YOU – and with you, the start of a new era…