When you enter Shadow’s Edge, the city is dark and barren. Everything is out of whack and time froze in the middle of the raging storm. When the storm hit, it split the city in three parallel worlds – Disruption, Disillusionment and Discovery. Now the Guardians are stuck there, alone. Level up through these stages as you write in the pages you find and spray graffiti on walls & billboards.

Each level of Shadow’s Edge has four city blocks to be explored, representing different parts of the story and its characters. Your gameplay has a direct impact on the world of Shadow’s Edge’s. As you progress, darkness will slowly lift, and buildings will repair themselves. Plants & flowers will grow, and creatures will start appearing. You can see lights going on in the windows and even the weather changes as you progress through the levels. You will get to climb higher and see more of the city and its future that you create.