We Need Game Testers for Our New Feature!

Hi, everyone! It’s Lacey the community manager here – I am so excited to finally be publishing this announcement with the Shadow’s Edge community!  The open beta version of our new feature for the Shadow’s Edge game is now available, and we need gamers to help us test it! This week’s blog will be all about how to get started with testing the new feature, because it’s a little different getting to the beta version than it is the normal game.

A Sneak Peek into the New Feature

So, what exactly is coming to the Shadow’s Edge game? Well, we don’t want to spoil the surprise – but we can give you a teensy-weensy hint at what to expect!

Over the past several months, we spent a lot of time talking with both longtime super fans and new players of the game.  We asked each player things like “what do you like about Shadow’s Edge? What don’t you like? What could make it more enjoyable for you?” Everyone was so amazing to give us feedback so that we could make our game even better, and there were even a few requests that were very common. And one of the most common requests players made was for us to add a way to play the game with friends – and we heard you loud and clear!!!!

We have logged hours and hours of planning, research, development, and private playtesting sessions. And from that, we were able to make our players’ request of more collaboration in our game come true!

That’s where you come in!

We need game testers for our new feature… well, you know.. to test the gameplay! That’s how we will make sure the newest feature is everything players wanted and more. We need your eyes and opinions to check for things like bugs, glitches, and other things that need to be changed before the final version is made available. Do you want to be a part of the game’s development? Keep reading on to know how to get the open beta version on your mobile device!

Getting Started with Testing Our New Feature

Downloading the Open Beta version is different between Apple and Android Devices. Skip down to the current section with the instructions you need depending on what model your device is. Or, watch the video below for instructions on how to get set up!

Downloading the New Feature on Android Devices

If you have an Android device, you will first go to the Google Play store, and type in Shadow’s Edge – just like when you first downloaded it. (If you are new to Shadow’s Edge, just look for the app with an icon that has a funny-looking blue character on it!)

Once you have found the Shadow’s Edge app page, you will scroll down until you see the section called “Join the beta.” Click the button that says “join.” It’s going to say that it is adding your GooglePlay account to the program for a little bit – some players have said that it takes a few minutes, while a few others said that they had time to go eat dinner and watch a show while they waited. It depends on your phone model, so be patient as it downloads. It’s a good time to go do some mindfulness exercises!

Downloading the New Feature Apple Devices

If you have an Apple device, you will first go to the App store and type in the search bar an app called TestFlight. It should be the first app to pop up, but in case it isn’t – look for the app with the blue background and the white spinning fan. Open the TestFlight app once it has finished downloading to your device.

Next, you will open this link (https://testflight.apple.com/join/SdYXjp5A) on your phone via Safari. It will then automatically switch back to TestFlight and ask you to accept the Open Beta version, then ask you to click Install. Because it will install it from there for you, there is no need to go into the App store to download Shadow’s Edge again!

You are Now Ready to Begin Playtesting!

And there you go! You are now ready to start game testing! The app will start from the beginning of the game – that’s because there are new missions in the beginning to lead you to the new feature! So, if you have already been playing Shadow’s Edge for some time now, it might feel a little repetitive… but trust me, it will be worth it.

Sharing Your Feedback With Us

Now that you have the open beta feature downloaded to your phone and you’ve been play testing it… how do you send feedback to us anyway? Well, we have different options for this, depending on what works better for you!

Our first option is that we can always hop on a Zoom call with you to discuss your thoughts and suggestions. That way we can also have a chance to say “hello,” which is always nice while we some of us are still stuck at home due to COVID. We have teammates in both Europe and the United States of the globe, so no worries about time zones on our end!

But we also understand that it can sometimes get stressful figuring out a time to chat with us, whether it be because you are in school or you work odd hours. Or, maybe you just aren’t feeling super social these days – and we totally get that! So we can always chat over email if that works better for you!

We want to make sure you have fun and get to enjoy playtesting with us while also being mindful of your schedule and your needs. To set up a Zoom chat or to share your feedback about the newest feature, just email me at lacey@shadowsedge.com