“What Happened to You?” – A Book Review

We recently received a book review of “What Happened to You?” by one of our long-time followers, Lena, and we wanted to share what she wrote with our community! Based on Lena’s review, we will definetely be checking out this book for ourselves. Thanks, Lena, for sharing this insight with us!

You can find more information about the book by clicking here.

Ever since the beginning of the pandemic, I’ve begun taking a closer look at my own mental health.

I’m a visual learner, wannabe engineer, science-curious woman with a very compassionate heart. I recently read “What Happened to You?” and was thoroughly impressed.  The title of the book immediately caught my attention as well as the group inviting me to win a free copy of the book. BeWellVa was the group that sent the email.

The book, written in a conversation style between Dr. Bruce Perry and Ms. Oprah Winfrey, deals with trauma, resilience, and healing. The book does include some sensitive material that may be triggering.

After reading this novel, I learned more about myself.

"What Happened to You?"

This book connected with many parts of my brain. I learned that the questions we ask are just as important as the answers you discover.

A month later, BeWellVa held a webinar that split all the participants into breakout rooms that had about six members each.  The experience was phenomenal. I never felt so connected to a group of strangers in my life. The opportunity to connect, and discuss life was priceless.

I recommend everyone who can read “What Happened to You?” do so now. You will be grateful that you did.

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