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Shadow's Edge isn't just a game

It's also an online community of people supporting each other as we navigate our individual challenges.

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Why is a community important?

Everybody has something they’re dealing with. Having people in your community listen and share what they are going through can be extremely helpful. A community can give you an opportunity to get things off your chest, in your own time, in a judgement-free environment.

Plus, it helps you realize. You are not alone!

Just as you get strength from the community in Shadow’s Edge, you can help empower other people, too. Sharing what you’ve learned with other players who may not be as far down the road as you are can help them in their journey. Not only does it feel good to help others, it also can feel good to share your story. Every time you share about your experiences, you express yourself a little differently, which helps you define your story and who you are.