Shadow’s Edge Community Guidelines

Effective Date: This document applies to content and Applications released October 21st, 2017, and later. Last updated on July 14th, 2021.


Shadow’s Edge and the Shadowgram feature are designed to allow creative expression in a supportive environment and to foster personal growth. 

We encourage you to express your thoughts and feelings honestly — both the positive and the difficult ones — while being kind and respectful to others. Our Community Guidelines help ensure that everyone’s experience on Shadow’s Edge is as rewarding and enjoyable as possible.


These guidelines, our Privacy & Data Collection Police, and our Terms of Service apply to everyone who uses Shadow’s Edge. You will see and have to accept the terms within the game Shadow’s Edge. Violation may result in content removal, temporary account suspension or permanent suspension.

Be respectful

  • Always be encouraging and respectful to your fellow community members. Treat others as you’d like to be treated. Help us make the Shadow’s Edge community a caring community.
  • You may see artwork that deals with painful themes from people who are going through difficult life situations. Be supportive and keep an open mind.
  • Don’t use words or images that may be considered offensive to our diverse audience. If we see those posted in the shared spaces, we may remove them.
  • We never tolerate threats, harassment, impersonation, hateful comments, personal insults, or sexually suggestive content.
  • Don’t insult or disfigure someone else’s creative expression.

Be safe

  • We recommend to never post any details about your identity nor anything that could identify you in the real world.
  • Never post anyone’s contact information or other private information (including your own).
  • Don’t post anything that promotes violence or self-harm.
  • If you’re afraid someone is considering self-harm or suicide, please report it right away.
  • Be careful about posting to social media. We understand that you may want to show your great art. Please ensure that nothing too personal is in such a post that you are not comfortable sharing outside of our safe community.
  • Never post anything you might not want to be public in the future. Be aware that Shadow’s Edge allows for people to take screenshots on their device.
  • Do not post anything that breaks the law, glorifies illegal activity, or encourages others to do so.

Give credit to others

  • Feel free to make work inspired by others.
  • If you copy someone’s work to make your own, be sure to change it substantially and give the other person credit by tagging them in your caption.
  • You as the artist own the copyright to your work, but by sharing it with others, in Shadowgram or outside of the application, you give your permission for the people you share it with to use your work.

How we use your data

 Our Privacy and Data Collection Policy describes in detail how we use your data. Here is a short summary. Please note that this is summarized and simplified and does not exempt you from reading AND accepting the Privacy Terms in the game or reading them before using our other online services. We use data we ask you for and data that we collect in the game or through cookies and other tracking services to:

  • Make the game and our other products better
  • Find out more about what user types play our game and how we are doing
  • Communicate with you for game and community-related news and notifications
  • Where you participate in contests, testing, or other programs, we also may use more personal information to contact you about these programs and potentially to identify you. We inform you before participation.
  • What you publish in our public spaces, you allow us to use anonymously to both improve our services and promote our services.

Report bad behavior

Please report violations of our Community Guidelines or any behavior that makes you uncomfortable right away by sending an email to feedback@shadowsedge.com.


If at any time you feel overwhelmed or feel like you need support beyond the game, please reach out to someone! We have resources for various helplines on our website and if you have any questions please send an email to feedback@shadowsedge.com.

Thank you for making Shadow’s Edge a safe and supportive community for creative expression!


Detailed Privacy Policy per tool and plugin