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Why did we make Shadow’s Edge?

We understand the courage it takes to face the emotional side of what you are going through. We wanted to make it a little bit easier, by making the process fun and creative.

You have an incredible story to share—a story that is still unfolding.
Shadow’s Edge, will help you discover and be proud of your story.

By playing Shadow’s Edge, we put you in the driver’s seat. You take control of reviving the city of Shadow’s Edge by expressing your thoughts and feelings. As you do, you may find yourself more confident and resilient– skills you can use in your real life too. We built Shadow’s Edge to connect you to other players that are experiencing a similar journey. And at times, Shadow’s Edge can just be a fun distraction, to help calm everything on your mind. We hope Shadow’s Edge helps with all of this.

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Why Writing and Art helps

You have a lot going on. You deserve the chance to discover your story and find your voice. That means getting in touch with your feelings and figuring out what everything you are going through means, to YOU. Writing about it can help; that’s why Shadow’s Edge is filled with questions to help you explore your inner self.

Be open and honest. Write about things you might not dare tell anyone. Or write about the things you are learning. Get your feelings off your chest. Record inspirations you don’t want to forget. You will discover a lot about the REAL you. Trust you have the answers inside.


We know there is even more to expressing yourself than just writing. Art is a different way to get out your thoughts and feelings. The graffiti in Shadow’s Edge encourages you to express yourself in an artistic way. You may be surprised by what comes out—it’s all good.

Art and writing work together to help you learn about yourself. The more you know about yourself, the more you can express yourself in real life by sharing your true self with others. The more you put yourself out there, the better people can understand and help you.

You may find that after playing Shadow’s Edge you communicate better. You may feel like others are there for you in a way they weren’t before. It all starts with you.

Find your voice and use it. You have the power, you are in control!

the story background.png
the story background.png
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What’s behind the game?

When the storm hit Shadow’s Edge, it was like life was placed on hold—frozen in time. Sound familiar? We have different parts of the world that represent the stages most people go through when they are faced with a significant challenge like yours.

Disruption is the first part of the game, where everything seems surreal, barren, broken. You may feel tough enough to power through, but you may find whatever had been working just doesn’t anymore. That’s when the next phase starts.


That’s Disillusionment. Here the world feels heavy.
This stage challenges you to rely on parts of yourself you didn’t even know you had. You start to see light at the end of the tunnel, but quite possibly, have no idea how to get there. Until slowly, one day, your life starts to click again.


That is where Discovery starts, where the new you is emerging.
You begin to feel more confident to share your real self with the world. You see possibilities you didn’t before and start to own your story and be proud of it.

I wanna know more about the stage metaphors in the game…

Why the name Shadow’s Edge?

In the story of Shadow’s Edge, a shadow was cast over the world when the former inhabitants of the city stopped pursuing their inner truth, which resulted in a terrible storm. In the design of Shadow’s Edge, we played with shadow and light—to bring out the possible, from the darkness of the storm. Play for a while and you will see what we mean.

At times, people may associate shadows with something dark and negative. A shadow can feel like something that follows you, like the threat of darkness to come. It’s a metaphor, like how at times it feels like your challenges are a shadow hovering over you. But at the same time, a shadow can be motivating.


A shadow may actually help lead your story. You may choose to stay ahead of the shadow, letting it push you to your true potential. Or on the edge of that shadow, you may find a ray of hope where you can cross into the light—that is, if you dare.

It’s up to you.

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