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5 Cat TikTok Accounts to Boost Your Serotonin

Hey you... Yeah, you! Are you having a 💩 day? Has everything one totally wrong, or maybe you can't seem to shake off those sad feelings? Sometimes we don't feel like we are enough. Or the world feels bleak because of what's going on in the news. Or maybe we are missing someone we haven't seen in a long time.

For whatever might be making you feel so down lately, I thought I'd share some TikTok videos that help me when I need a little boost. Because sometimes life just SUCKS and we need silly little videos to smile at, even if just for a moment.

Here are my top five favorite cat TikTok accounts for when I need a smile:

#1 - Penny, Lover of Ham

One of my favorite TikTok accounts for when I am having a hard day is @aymieandfamily's account. Follow along the adorable conversations between Penny the cat and her humans for a quick serotonin boost! Penny is voiced by her owner's daughter, who is absolutely adorable in her own right as well! This entire account is just flooded with cuteness, so it is impossible to resist smiling when watching.

#2 - Walter, the Handsome Business Boy

Another account I follow for cute kitty content is @walter.the.catt's. He is a big ball of fluff that rarely blinks, and his face always makes me smile without fail. He also knows how to look absolutely handsome in a tie - don't you agree?

#3 - Piddles, the Cat with the Crooked Smile

Piddles is an adorable kitty that had to have surgery to fix her broken jaw before she was adopted by her current owners. They aren't sure exactly how her jaw got broken, but what matters is that she is happy and healthy now! Her account is a great place to go to see a sweet kitty face to brighten up your day.

#4 - Kitty the Duchess

Are you in need of a cat with some sass to make you laugh and brighten your day? The account @kitty.theduchess frequently has me going back and forth between making deep belly laughs and big "awwww" sounds. So if you need both cute and funny content, go check this one out! (Note: sometimes this account uses trending sounds containing mature language. So if this is something outside your comfort zone, try checking out the other four accounts I mention in this blog).

#5 - Luna, the Cat with Nose Dimples

Have you ever seen a cat that has nose dimples when she crunches on her favorite treats? Neither had I before I cam across Luna's account. Something about that cute little face when she monches on a treat makes me smile. It's a simple joy in life, and I love sharing it with my friends. (I will mention that if you can't stand any kind of chewing sounds, I would recommend watching some of her other content).


Do you have any favorite TikTok accounts that brighten your day?

Comment on this blog and let us know! We would love to share them with our community and pass along the smiles 😊

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