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Games That Help Me Get Through The Pandemic

Since the outbreak of the pandemic, there has been a significant effect on peoples’ mental health. The main reason for this is the increased levels of stress and anxiety that people are experiencing. This is due to the uncertain nature of the situation, as well as the fear of contracting the virus.

In addition, many people are dealing with grief and loss during this time. Whether it be from losing a loved one to the virus, losing jobs, or simply from not being able to see family and friends, this can take a toll on mental health.

There are some steps that can be taken to help cope with these effects.

For example, staying connected with loved ones through social media or other means can help reduce feelings of isolation. Additionally, maintaining a healthy lifestyle by eating well and getting exercise can help to improve mood and reduce stress levels.

Personally, I have been greatly affected by this virus. I got separated from my family and was not able to have physical contact with them for 2 years. I have to adjust and keep up with the situation I am in. My way to cope with the stress and anxiety brought by the pandemic is through playing online games and posting them on social media platforms as well. The games I have been playing help me a lot during difficult times when I want to relax and channel my anger as well as to connect with people. Here are the games I have been playing:


I would lie if I will tell you I have not played Tetris during the lockdown. This game has always been my go-to stress-reliever and mind-challenger. Whenever I need a mental break, Tetris is there and is easy to play, and is very accessible no matter what part of my apartment I am situated. It helped me practice being a critical thinker and decide well on my next move.

Animal Crossing

This game is all about building my own little world and taking care of it. It’s a relaxing and fun game that can help take my mind off of the stress of the outside world. In addition, the social interaction in this game can be really beneficial. I got to create my houses. I was also able to celebrate Christmas and New Years’ eve with my online friends.


This game is focused on creating your ideal town. The body of water surrounding the town I’m making helps me relax and remember that no matter how chaotic my designed town is, I can always find peace. It helps me hone my skill to plan for a perfect town where I want to live. It gives me the hope that we could still create the best place to settle and reach our earthly needs.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

This game is perfect for when I need to blow off some steam. It’s fast-paced and intense, and it always gets my heart pumping. Whenever I feel the anger on being trapped in this unfair world, MLBB has become my place to vent out.

These are just a few games that have helped me get through the pandemic. I even uploaded some of the videos on TikTok and even on my personal Facebook account. With the help of tools online, I was able to crop and resize videos to have better quality. It has been a way for me also to connect with people of the same preferences when it comes to games and coping with coronavirus.

While it is important to stay positive and have hope, it is also necessary to find ways to cope with the stress of the pandemic. Playing games is one way that I have found to help me get through this difficult time. They allow me to take a break from the news and from worrying about the future. If you are looking for ways to destress, I encourage you to try playing some of your favorite games.


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