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Join our Game Development Insider's Group

We have some very exciting things coming up in terms of game development for the Shadow's Edge game! We published a blog at the beginning of the new year about it, but in case you haven't checked it out yet I'll fill you in on what's coming:

What's coming to the Shadow's Edge game:

We are adding an antagonist, or a "bad guy" to defeat!

The antagonist is a whole new character in the Shadow’s Edge cast. They’ve been missing in our game, players told us. So, we listened and we are making this happen! We don’t want to give away too much just yet, but let's just say this will be an AWESOME addition to the game's storyline.

We are making the game progression more fulfilling.

We’re also adding more depth about why writing and art can be therapeutic and how to go about it to integrate it into real life once you leave the world of Shadow’s Edge. There are some features making it clearer how to get XP, how XP gets you rewards and how you can use these rewards to help the guardians face the Antagonist.

Additionally, we have some cool mini games coming up, because even a “serious” game needs some relaxation.


Are you passionate about game development?

In terms of timing, we’re planning a beta starting in February and a full release around April. But we still have a lot to do in terms of development... and that's where our brand new Insider's group comes in! Are you excited about things like game development, digital art, and design? Do you want the inside scoop on game storyboards, test early prototypes, or read early versions of the story? If that sounds like you, then we need you in our Insider's Group!

By joining the group, you'll get to:

  • Get the inside scoop on what goes into developing a mental health game, like concept art, storyboards, ideation, etc.

  • Tune in to regular live streams in our Discord channel, like live art streams while someone on our team works on concept art, answers questions, etc.

  • Test our beta and give us feedback before anyone else even gets to see it!

Members will also have the chance to win some cool Shadow's Edge swag so they can rock their support for our mental health game 😎

So how do I join the Insider's Group?

If you want to join in on the game development action, just head over to our Discord Channel and join the group! All you need to do in the beginning is agree to the rules of the group and introduce yourself to the rest of the club. We will share more information in the group soon, but you'll want to get in on the action now, as space will be limited.

**Having trouble getting into the Discord group? Comment on this blog, or shoot me an email at so I can help!**

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