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Two Years Lost to a Pandemic

After two full years of our lives being on hold due to COVID, a lot of us were hoping the pandemic was finally over. Then we could finally return to a sense of normal. But now, many of us are struggling with anxiety as we wait to find out how the new Omicron variant changes things. You might be thinking, “We had finally gotten a vaccine and treatments... wasn’t it supposed to be over by now?!” Two years lost to a pandemic already... are we going to have another year with this?

I’ve been listening to the news outlets trying to stay informed on what’s coming. And I would be lying if I said the constant changing of information wasn’t giving me some anxiety.

I find that my mind starts to wander into the abyss of worries and, frankly, negativity. I’ve been SO ready to go on hikes. At least without being terrified of catching the virus if we pass too closely by other hikers on the trail. Even as introverted and socially anxious as I can be, I’m missing things like conventions and events. I want to go to art galleries to look at art and eat fancy cheese and wine! Or movie theaters! For two years, my husband and I have been so careful, and I miss being young and doing stuff. But I can only imagine the anxiety is worse for those in our community with compromised immune systems. And for medical staff around the world.

Many of us have tried to be so safe and so extra cautious... but someone with a chronic medical condition has to work twice as hard to make sure they don’t get sick. Because getting a virus when your immune system is already working twice as hard as everyone else’s can be dangerous. Even before the pandemic, some had to be extra cautious and do things like socially distance, sanitize regularly, etc. I sometimes get to feeling guilty for any frustration I have with COVID, as it is nothing compared to the anxiety my friends with Lupus or asthma have. Or even to the trauma medical professionals are struggling with as they are on the frontlines of watching the virus affect our communities.

As the community manager for Shadow’s Edge, I spend a lot of time reading what others are writing about what they are feeling right now.

There is a lot of anxiety about the future. And grief for the two years lost to a pandemic Plus frustration that the virus is still going around and taking people’s loved ones away. So, for this week’s blog, I just wanted to pop in and tell our community that you are not alone in these feelings. You aren’t a “snowflake” or a “whiner” for feeling a great sense of loss after losing two years of your life to the pandemic. You’re allowed to be pissed off about it!

It helps to talk to someone about these feelings, and to create a “resilience toolkit” for the harder days.

Talking to my husband, my mom, or two best friends is helpful on the days that I am overwhelmingly anxious or angry. And I have a collection of things that I go to when I need to put those energies somewhere – things like drawing, journaling, meditating, going for a walk for some fresh air. And Shadow’s Edge, of course. Having things you know that help you get through this is so important. So, if you don’t have an idea of what is in your resilience toolkit yet, maybe take some time to write those things down.

I love hearing back from you all, whether in the comments of a blog, on social media, or over email. If you have a moment, send me any feelings you are having during this time!


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