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Where the world is your canvas

and your words, your adventure.

Spray city walls

Spray city walls with your thoughts and emotions

Solve quests

Solve quests and collect wisdoms that will help you in your real life

Connect with peers

Connect with peers through your challenge

The Digging Deep Project

If you are a parent or health professional and want to learn more about the Digging Deep project, our blog for parents and professionals, our exercise pages or sign up for our social media for parents and healthcare professionals, please click on

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Shadow’s Edge contains some co-authored text from the book Digging Deep: A Journal for Young People Facing Health Challenges (Resonance House, 2014) by Rose Offner, M.F.A. and Sheri Brisson, M.A. ¬†Resonance House LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of Community Foundation Silicon Valley.