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Other Free Journaling Prompts Resources 

Thank you for playing Shadow's Edge  and completing game. We hope you have had an opportunity to reflect, discover and grow. We have gathered extra prompts resources for you here. 

Digging Deep journal

Did you know that the game Shadow's Edge is based on a journaling book? - Digging Deep Journal: a guided journal writing tool for young people facing ongoing significant health challenges? This journal is no longer available from us, but you can download the original prompts from these links. Click here to download different theme pages and get inspired.


Journaling Prompts from Previous Shadow's Edge Game Versions

If you are a previous player, or you would like to have older prompts from earlier game versions. You can download then here. Get in touch with us via contact form stellar self.png

90 Mindfulness Journal Prompts For Teens


This mindfulness journal is especially for teens, offering a toolbox of simple breathing exercises, easy meditations, and dozens of writing prompts. You will need to register via email to get access to these prompts. HERE


You'll feed, pet, and play with the adorable Amaru while also engaging in guided mindfulness exercises and journal activities that build focus and resilience. Available on Playstore and Appstore.

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