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Shadow Movie

Bridge To Terabithia

Our movie of the month is Bridge To Terabithia, a fantasy film about two children who invent a secret world. Bullied at school, and with worries at home, Jesse wants to be the fastest boy in the class, but when a girl named Leslie Burke moves into the neighboring farm his life changes forever. Leslie Burke beats him in the school race. Despite this initial setback, the pair soon realize they have a lot in common, and a friendship develops. Discovering that they both share creative talents, (Jesse loves to draw, while Leslie is a keen storyteller), they invent the magical kingdom of Terabithia, a fantasy world reached by swinging on a rope over a stream near their homes. Once inside Terabithia, they become the rulers of all they see, embarking on magical adventures, fighting evil, and learning how to triumph over bullies. We like it because it is a beautiful lesson in friendship.

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