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Everywhere you turn you see emptiness, desolation, endless gray – a desolate city abandoned by its inhabitants. All alone you look around.

Wait…what is that? A splash of color on the wall, words from someone who was here before you?

Look closer. Can you find the tools that will let you be an artist, too?

Go crazy! Paint the walls. Spread your words. Resurrect Shadow’s Edge with your voice, your expression.

Can you find the Guardian of Disruption hidden in Shadow’s Edge?

Maybe you are feeling lost in your struggle and are more comfortable hanging out with the Guardian of Disillusionment in all her dark glory. This is truly where you’ll be tested…

But hold fast, stay on your path, because as you may uncover what you are looking for following the Guardian of Discovery

With your help, plants will grow and buildings will be restored. Only you can transform this broken city and your own experience of the world around you.