Shadow’s Edge – A research-based set of tools to support teen and young adult mental health 

Digital Game & Companion Social Emotional Learning Workbook

The Shadow’s Edge game and Social Emotional Workbook are narrative therapy based resources to support young people to process difficult situations and identity exploration.


In the game and SEL companion workbook, players take a journey along 57 prompts inviting them to take a snapshot of their situation in school, family and social relations and to look at their strengths and things they are grateful for or appreciate in daily life. They are also invited to describe and accept all emotions they experience as a valid expression of being human. Finally, the game invites players to connect with their dreams and doing things they enjoy and investigate how their relationships can support them to achieve these.


The game has been downloaded by 80’000 youth in the US, Colombia and Europe.

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A social emotional learning Workbook for : Self awareness, Self management, Responsible decision, social awareness & Relationship skills.

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A collaborative effort with psychologist and teen co-creation.

More than 800 teens contributed to the development of these resources, in the US, Colombia and Europe. Our psychological advisors include Dr. Victor Schwartz, and clinical psychologists Kristi Pieckewicz and Nathaan Gemers. 










Nathaan Gemers

Nathaan is passionate about people. This passion has led him to an enriching career as a clinical psychologist, filled with a number of twists and turns working across a variety of settings including therapeutic boarding schools, community mental health, inpatient Neuro/Burn ICU's, Integrated Primary Care, Administrative Psychology, and most recently Digital Health.


He is an active traveler and athlete - these aspects of his life have inspired him to think beyond the traditional confines of mental health care. He strives to find innovative ways to expand the reach of behavioral health services to improve the lives of others. He is currently the VP & Director of Clinical Programs with Grit Digital Health.

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About Dr. Schwartz

Before establishing Mind Strategies, Dr. Schwartz served for eight years as chief medical officer of The Jed Foundation, a leading non-profit focused on youth and young adult suicide prevention and mental health promotion. While there, Dr. Schwartz was a highly sought-after advisor and consultant and was a leader in developing approaches to messaging to young people about mental health and helping organizations develop their mental health activities and programming.

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Kristi pikiewicz

Offers individual, couples and family therapy to adults, adolescents and children, and also a range of psychological testing and assessments. Her approach to therapy revolves around healing the divide between your unconscious and conscious selves — why do you feel the way you feel, do the things you do, think the way you think? You may have developed some of these ways of relating to the world as a child or young adult, training the patterns of your life to match your surroundings at the time. These unconscious ways of relating to the world, yourself and others may have helped you then. 

Read more about Kristi here

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We worked with 400 youth in the cities of Soacha and Pereira in Colombia to co-create new content. Shadow’s Edge now has a brand-new storyline with the brand new character “Shadow” for players to discover and interact with as they work through their personal stories.

Target Audience

Teens & Young Adults, 14 – 24 years old

The game has proven to work best for youth who are investigating their identity and processing feelings of anxiety, loneliness and sadness.

Languages available

The game is available in English, Spanish, German, French, Portuguese and Dutch.

The SEL workbook is available in English and Spanish.


Both resources are free. If you want to use the SEL workbook in print, you can order it on Amazon at cost of print price.  

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Real World Evidence Based

The following research has been done to support the creation of the game

  • Clinical trial Lurie Children’s Hospital Zurich under the lead of Dr. Bonnie Essner (copy text from research page)

  • Pilot Study under the lead of Prof. Dr. Markus Landolt (copy text from research page)



  • CINDE study

How you can use the materials in your practice

The ressources are yours to integrate into your practice as you see fit. The materials are free for you to use.

If you want to receive the anonymized and aggregated export of data of a group you work with, please contact us at feedback@diggingdeep.org so we can set-up a code in the game for your group to use.  

We are currently working with a group of social workers in Colombia to create a guide on how to use the materials when working with teens and young adults in an extracurricular context at Colombian High schools and colleges.

If you are interested in receiving the results or want to contribute to the guide, please contact us at feedback@diggingdeep.org

Want to contribute to research on using digital tools in your practice?

If you want to participate in future research using the toolset, please contact us at feedback@diggingdeep.org

About Us 


The Digging Deep Project: We are a US 501(c)3 US Non-Profit, specializing in the creation of serious games and digital tools for mental and emotional wellbeing. We are an international team of psychology and technology specialists, https://diggingdeep.org/

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CINDE – Centro : Non-Profit specializing in youth education and research, https://www.cinde.org.co/sitio/

Dr. Orlando Scoppetta, CINDE Org

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