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Have You Heard "Numb Little Bug" Yet?

Have you heard "Numb Little Bug" by Em Beihold yet?

When life gets to feeling heavy and hard to deal with, it's nice to be able to turn to music for comfort. It's especially wonderful when a song explains what you are feeling/going through. That way you can share that song with loved ones to describe what's on your mind. But when there isn't a song that describes how you feel, that can be a little more lonely during a time when you might already be feeling that way. I've personally found that isolating experiences like depression and anxiety don't have a huge library to choose from when it comes to songs. That is until recently.

I recently stumbled across this song on TikTok, and I am absolutely obsessed!

The song is called "Numb Little Bug" and it's by an artist named Em Beihold. Not only is the tune super catchy, but the lyrics perfectly describes something I have experienced before! Finally, a song that describes how it feels to feel that numbness when life is really hard. You might know that feeling, too. These lyrics describe it perfectly:

Do you ever get a little bit tired of life

Like you’re not really happy but you don’t wanna die

Like you’re hanging by a thread but you gotta survive cuz u gotta survive

Like your body’s in the room but you’re not really there

Like you have empathy inside but you don’t really care

Like your fresh outta love but it’s been in the air

Am I past repair

Despite how sad the lyrics are, I actually feel a glimmer of hope listening to this song.

I'm not secretive about the fact that I have chronic depression - it's been a truth for me since I was nine years old. And I am very open about it because I remember how it felt growing up feeling like something was wrong with me, like "am I the only one that feels this way?" I share this about myself so anyone else struggling with it knows they aren't "crazy" or alone in this battle.

I'm pretty good at balancing it between medication, meditation, and other self-care techniques... But I still fall down every once in a while and forget I'm not alone. So when I do get to feeling down, knowing that there are others out there going through something similar helps. And hearing music about a frequent experience of mine helps me feel seen and heard, too.


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