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How to Pass Time During a Hospital Stay

As a teenager with an incurable disease, I have to stay at the hospital if something is wrong with me or if I am not feeling well. Sometimes my stay lasts for three days, but other times it can be as long as three weeks. My longest was three months! When I'm there, I need to find ways to pass the time, otherwise I feel bored with nothing to do.

To entertain myself I bring a few books to read, my phone and my iPad, and my Nintendo Switch to play my favorite Mario games. These forms of entertainment that I can pick up anytime make my room much more enjoyable. Even better is trying to take advantage of getting out of my room whenever I can.

One place to go is the hospital activity room, which has almost any game or toy imaginable. My favorite game happens to be Connect Four, which I love to play against my mom. But sometimes my mom is not at the hospital with me. That is where the volunteer Child Life specialists come in. These adults come around the hospital every day visiting lonely kids’ rooms asking them if they want to play a game or do an art project. I usually end up choosing to play a game and I win almost every time. (Sometimes the Child Life specialists are TOO nice!)

Finally, another exciting activity in the hospital for me is the PlayStation 4. There is one in almost every room and the hospital owns a wide variety of games (educational for children and action for teens).

If your disease ever puts you in the hospital for an extended period of time, remember that you don't have to be bored! There are so many activities to help you pass the time. Just ask what your hospital has for you to do and then try to take advantage of these opportunities whenever you can.

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