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Rapping It Up!

When you’re sick, life can get boring and grey. There’s a lot of time to spend when you’re stuck in a place you don’t want to be! Whether it’s school, a hospital room, or simply a place with negative energy, it’s easy to get wrapped up and carried away in thoughts that can cycle and make you anxious or impatient. I would count the melancholy ticking of the clock, or stare out the window and wish for all the places I couldn’t be. In a world of black and white, I had to make color. I began writing raps, or poems on the backs of worksheets or paper pieces I could find, and drifting towards a new source of energy instead of sitting in impatience. Try rhyming out the things you feel! There is always a melody in the air, or potential for creativity. They can be funny, sad, angry, stupid; you’re the artist! And it’s your expression.

Here are some of mine:

When you’re feelin’ blue Ain’t nothin to do Go thru the tick of the tock Been stackin’ pattens like blocks But then I see on the side of the knock A bigger sunrise to top The silhouettes and the knots That build their nests in my thoughts So all the things I forgot I'll stick my head out to learn We’re gonna climb up the rocks Until it’s red that will burn

Sometimes, it’s more fun to do sillier things:

My dog is really cool He’ll teach you to make ice cream and he didn’t go to school! A dolla for a milkshake He can can holla like a hound, Vanilla is so filling Got my stomach feelin’ round!

Sometimes, the best way of expression is to pick up a pen and see what happens! Your spark of creativity is out there, and it doesn’t have to be a Mona Lisa! There is light to be found in the darkest of nights; in the greyest of worlds. Art is yours to put in existence, yours to play with, as physical and timeless as the souls we sing it from.

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